Canine Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy is beneficial for a variety of canine patients. These include management of arthritis, improving performance in sporting dogs or rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

Physiotherapy works to reduce pain, improve movement and restore function

The patient is assessed to find where the problems lie and a tailored treatment plan is then made which is specific to each patients needs.

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Signs your Dog may need Physiotherapy

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  • Difficulty getting up and down from the floor
  • Difficulty using stairs
  • Stiff after laying down or after exercise
  • Change in behaviour including reluctance to perform usual activities
  • Change in performance in sporting dogs
  • Licking/chewing of joints
  • Restlessness
  • Panting (when not hot)

Treatment Approaches

  • Advice on environment and exercise regimes
  • Manual treatment to muscles and joints – reduce pain, improve movement and function
  • Tailored exercise programmes – stretches, strengthening and balance
  • TEN’s and Neuro-muscular stimulation – reduce pain, improve muscle strength.
  • Splints or joint supports – can also be used to help manage long-term conditions

Working with Vets

At Affinity we work closely with the Canine’s Veterinarian to provide the best possible and most effective recovery or management for your canines needs. It is a legal requirement that Veterinary consent is gained prior to working with any animal. Please ask your Vet to fill out the consent form below and have this available for your first appointment.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Gina on 07828 711 061, email on or leave a question on the Contact Us page. 

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