Equine Physiotherapy

A variety of horses can benefit from Physiotherapy. Whether that be the happy hacker for a check up, post-operative rehabilitation or improving performance in show jumpers or eventers. 

Poor function or inability to carry out necessary movements is not always due to pain. Sometimes poor muscle control, weakness, restriction in movement and stiffness can contribute to these issues. 

A Physiotherapy assessment establishes the cause of the problem and a  tailored treatment plan will be created to address these issues.


Tresting a horse

Signs your Horse may need Physiotherapy

  • Difficulty working in an outline
  • Decreased bend on one reign or both
  • Poor transitions (bucking, running into, taking wrong lead canter)
  • Bunny hopping (keeping both back legs together in canter)
  • Crabbing (walking sideways downhill)
  • Scuffing of a hoof/hooves.
  • Aversion to having tack put on
  • Change in performance

Treatment Approaches

  • Advice regarding environment, equipment and exercise regimes
  • Manual treatment to muscles, joints and spine – reduces pain and improves movement 
  • Tailored exercise programmes – stretches, balance and strengthening
  • Neuro-muscular stimulation – reduce pain and improve muscle activity
  • Taping – facilitate appropriate muscle activity and postures
Treating a horse

Working with the Vet

At Affinity we work closely with the Equine’s Veterinarian to provide the best possible and most effective recovery or management for your horse’s needs. It is a legal requirement that Veterinary consent is gained prior to working with any animal. Please ask your Vet to fill out the consent form below and have this available for your first appointment.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Gina on 07828 711 061, email on admin@affinityvetphysio.com or leave a question on the Contact Us page.  

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